Aging & Life Cycle

It this article I will tell you about Aging & Life Cycle in The Sims FreePlay.

Q: What is the Life Cycle of a Sim?

A: Sims can age from babies, all the way to seniors! For more information about each age group, have a look at the FAQs linked below:
-Adult Sims

Q: How do I make my Sims age?

A: You need to have a birthday for your Sim. Bake them a Birthday Cake, then tap on your Sim and select “Have Birthday”. Once you confirm this action, your Sim will automatically age to the next level.
From the Life Dreams update, you’ll also be asked to confirm that you would like your Sim to age up using a Birthday Cake.

Once you’ve completed the Life Dreams & Legacies Quest, your Sims will be able to age automatically, and even age them for FREE if your Sim fulfills their current Life Dream phase early! (see below for more information)

Q: How do I bake a Birthday Cake?

A: Add an oven to your house (if you don’t already have one), available from the Kitchen tab in the Home Store. Tap on the oven, and select Birthday Cake from the baking list. The cake will take 24 hours to bake. If you purchased a Cake from the Grocery it will appear as free in the oven.

Once baked, tap on the birthday cake icon over the oven to collect the cake and make the “Have Birthday” action available. You can have as many cakes stockpiled as you like!

Note: You need to be level 11+ (or have completed the Two and a Half Sims Quest) to unlock the birthday cake ingredients from the oven.

Q: How can my Sims age for FREE?

A: Since your Sim will need to age up to continue progressing through their Life Dream, once your Sim’s current Life Dream phase is complete, aging that Sim will be FREE, regardless of the stage of life that your Sim is currently at.
Remember though, that once your Sim ages, the cost to age up will be re-applied until the next phase of their Life Dream is complete (when aging up will again be free).


Q: When do my Sims automatically age?

A: You will unlock automatic aging of your Sims during the Life Dreams & Legacies Quest (click here to see the Quests & Goals FAQ for more information on unlocking this Quest). Aging is specifically unlocked when the Goal #7 of the quest, Open the Age Controller, appears.


Q: How long does it take a Sim to age?

A: It takes approximately 60 action-days (as in total time for the Sim performing actions) for the full Life Cycle from start to end.

Q: What is the Age Controller?

A: The Age Controller menu is what allows you to track what stage your Sims are at in life, and allows you to control their age. This tab is available where you can also find your careers and hobby information.


Q: Wait! I don’t want my Sim to grow old! How do I make it stop?

A: During the Life Dreams & Legacies Quest, you will need to age one of your Sims to progress (the cost of aging your Sim is free to complete this goal).
If you’ve already completed this Quest and your Sim is ready to age up, you can use LP to keep your Sim at their current age (see below – “Reverse back to the start of this age group”).
You can also access this menu and use LP to age your Sim prematurely, if you would prefer this to baking a Birthday Cake.


Q: Can I make my Sim stop aging indefinitely?

A: Obtaining a Platinum Life Orb and giving it to a Sim will allow you to pause a Sim’s current age indefinitely, until you turn it off again/choose otherwise. Pausing the age of a Sim will spend the Life Orb, resuming their ageing does not return the Orb to your Inventory.


Q: The afterlife? Does my Sim really need to die?

A: The Life Dreams & Legacies Quest will illustrate how the life cycle system works in The Sims FreePlay, so remember to have a Sim ready to move on that you’re prepared to say goodbye to when you’re completing these goals!

Q: How will I know when my Sim is ready to “move on”?

A: You will be prompted via the Age Controller menu when a Sim is ready to move on to the afterlife.
You will also notice Death show up in your Senior Sim’s home, and they will have an action button above their head:

You will be prompted to confirm for your Sim to leave their legacy behind upon tapping on the action button (sadly, the “no” option will not be available for your first Sim whom you use to complete the Life Dreams & Legacies Quest).

When your Sim passes, they will leave behind a Life Orb*; a symbol of their ongoing legacy to be passed on to your other Sims!
*Want to know more about how to use Life Orbs? Have a look at our Life Dreams, Orbs & Personalities FAQ.
As part of the Life Dreams & Legacies Quest, you will also be prompted to bring a new baby Sim into the world (free of charge, but you will need to still wait for the stork to deliver)!


Q: Once a Sim passes away, other Sims in my town seem unhappy and look like they have very low energy. They also seem unable to be inspired. What do I do?

A: If a Sim passes on, those who though were related to may need to grieve and reminisce. Have another Sim visit them, and use the ‘Grieve’ and ‘Reminisce’ social actions.

Q: Once a Sim passes away, can I replace them with a new Adult Sim? Or do I have to grow a new Baby?

A: Once a Sim passes away, the same rules will apply for the populartion cap of your Sim Town. You can add an Adult or Baby, or adopt a new Toddler, Preteen or Teenager using the phone options, provided you’re still below the Sim Population Cap for your Town currently.

Q: If all of the Sims in a Household pass away or move out, what happens to my Pets?

A: Your pets will remain in the home where they are, ready to be re-homed to another family, or for another Sim to move in to that home and take care of them.