Life Dreams & Legacies Quest


This article describes the passage of the quest The Sims FreePlay «Life Dreams & Legacies Quest»
Complete this quest and give your Sims the gift of life dreams! Watch as your Sims grow up, fulfilling life dreams throughout every strage of their lives, and pass their legacies onto future generations !

Level: 26

Time Limit: 5 days

Reward: 1. Unlocks Life Dreams and Life Orbs! Sims will also begin automatically ageing after completing this quest; 2. Complete in the given time limit to unlock the Singing Salmon! Purchasable from the Home Store.


NOTE: your sims will start to automatically age and die as soon as you start this quest
1. Call a friend (4 minutes).
2. Send invitations on a computer (4 minutes).
3. Send 5 sims to snow park.
4. Tend the bar in the snow park (stay tending the bar for the next task).
5. Order a cocktail at cabin (snow park, 32 seconds, you can only do this task when someone is tending the bar).
6. Ask Osiris about new inventions (6 minutes 12 seconds).
7. Open the age controller.
8. Advance an adult sims age.
9. Send a sim to the park.
10. Examine the glowing orb (1 day 20 minutes, can be found on the pier in the park).
11. Give the orb to a senior (that sim will pass away during this quest).
12. Open the life dreams menu.
13. Choose a life dream.
14. Fulfil a life dream (you could get any one of these life dreams).
15. Have a senior ask Osiris for help (5 minutes).
16. Tap on the beach, carnival, arcade or pet park on island.
17. Have a senior ask Osiris for help (20 seconds).
18. Fulfil a life dream.
19. Have a scientific breakthrough in the bath (9 minutes).
20. Debunk theory of relatively while drinking tea (10 hours 30 minutes).
21. Have a senior grow watermelons (1 hour, works with an adult and can be started early).
22. Bake gingerbread sims (6 hours, again works with adult and can be started early).
23. Complete a cycle of life.
24. Have 4 sims in one house.
25. Be nice to a sim (1 minute).
26. Have a baby (1 day).

Tasks in pictures:

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