Extreme Home Takeover Quest


This article describes the passage of the quest The Sims FreePlay «Extreme Home Takeover Quest»

Level: 11. Find the real estate developer in the park

Time Limit: 2 days

Reward: 1. This quest unlocks the ability to submit your houses for a chance for them to be added to the architect houses tab so other players can build them; 2. Unlock the romantic furniture; 3. Complete in the given time limit to unlock the hot tub.


1. Ask Lucius about hubbub (1 minute).
2. Go to work at the real estate (click on the pulsing suitcase of a sim who is a real estate agent).
NOTE: keep them at work so you can see the sign for the next task.
3. Read a real estate sign (6 hours 30 minutes, the sign will appear by the mailbox once a sim has gone to work as a real estate agent).
4. Discuss home takeover with a sim (1 minute, select the interaction between two sims).
5. Search for well groomed sim on simbook (9 hours, computer).
6. Extend or build a room.
7. Have a sim take a selfie (10 seconds, click on currently selected sim).
8. Post selfie on Lucius’s simbook (6 hours).
9. Become incensed (2 minutes).
10. Check fine print on a sign (12 hours 30 minutes (the sign will appear by the mailbox once a sim has gone to work as a real estate agent again).
11. Buy an item from the home store.
12. Submit house via sign (you don’t even need to submit at this stage, just click on the sign then click the green arrow to complete the task, if you don’t do it now you can submit a house later- make sure a sim is at work as a real estate agent first so you can see the signs).

Tasks in pictures:

2 3 4 5 6 7