Nanny Knows Best Quest


This article describes the passage of the quest The Sims FreePlay «Nanny Knows Best Quest»
A young, fun, and professional nanny is waiting in the Park for clients, and can teach new ways to take care of Sim infants!

Level: 10. Speak to Nanny Williams in the Park

Time Limit: 5 days

Reward: 1. Unlocks the Musical Expression hobby; 2. Complete in the given time limit to unlock the Infant Overall Clothing bundle.


NOTE: you need a baby sim to complete this quest so don’t click to start this quest until you do
1. Meet Nanny- 1 minute (in park).
2. Rant to Nanny Williams (15 minutes).
3. Send a sim to an infants home.
4. Pick up an infant (8 seconds, adult click on infant in crib).
5. Relax with an infant on the couch (15 hours, click on couch).
6. Let an infant crawl (3 seconds).
7. Make an infant crawl (tap anywhere on the ground).
8. Follow obsessively (6 hours 30 minutes, click on baby).
9. Clean infant mess (12 hours 30 minutes, garbage can).
10. Wash garbage off hands (3 hours 30 minutes, using a sink).
11. Ask Nanny for help (5 hours 30 minutes).
12. Cry to be picked up (3 seconds, click on adult sim).
13. Rock to sleep (1 day, click on crib).
14. Check simbook (2 hours, using a computer).
15. Pick up infant (8 seconds).
16. Buy a highchair (infant section of home store).
17. Place infant in highchair (5 seconds, click on highchair).
18. Search for soft food in the fridge (8 hour 30 minutes).
19. Play with food (9 hours 30 minutes (baby, can be started early just start after previous task and you need to go back on the game to complete the previous tasks before this one finishes or it won’t work)).
NOTE: you need to control the baby to do this task so it may be easier to have all other sims in the house busy so the plumbob is over the babies head and you can select the option).
20. Ask the Nanny where she went (15 minutes).
21. Feed soft food (2 hours 30 minutes, adult needs to click on baby).
22. Post photos on simbook (13 hours, using a computer).
23. Ask Nanny Williams to help a friend (3 hours 30 minutes).
24. Hug the Nanny goodbye (3 hours 30 minutes).

Tasks in pictures:

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