Two And A Half Sims Quest


This article describes the passage of the quest The Sims FreePlay «Two And A Half Sims Quest»
Complete this quest and unleash an all-new generation of bubble-burping, nappy-wearing infants. This is the start of something big!

Level: 8

Time Limit: 2 days

Reward: 1. Unlocks the ability to haveInfant Sims; 2. Complete in the given time limit to unlock the Baby Decoration Pack for purchase from the Home Store.


1. Be nice to a sim (1 minute).
2. Expand or create a room.
3. Spend S450 on wallpaper and flooring.
4. Read better farms and cradles magazine (9 minutes, from pile of magazines in living room section).
5. Have a double shot of coffee (1 minute).
6. Watch ‘Dr. Cots’ on TV (18 minutes).
7. Build the children’s store (time and cost varies).
8. Buy a crib.
9. Add a baby (1 day).

Tasks in pictures:

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