Social Features & Goals

In this article I’ll tell you about Social Features & Goals in The Sims Freeplay.

Q: Why can’t I visit my friends yet?

A: You need to reach level 9 to unlock the ability to visit your friends.

Q: How do I add more neighbors?

A: Any Facebook or Game Center friends that you have on that account whom already have the game will automatically be added as neighbors.
You can also invite your friends to play the game from the Sims FreePlay app, if they aren’t already. Once they start playing and log into Facebook inside the game, they’ll be added as your neighbor automatically.


Q: How do I visit a friend’s town?

A: Tap on the globe icon next to the home store button.
This button will bring up the Party Boat/Social menu. You can redeem your daily neighbor gifts here on the way to visiting your friends!
Your save data will also be automatically backed-up on the Cloud when visiting this screen (once per day max).
Tap the Visit button for the friend who’s town you would like to go to.
You will need to select a Sim to take along with you whom will interact with your friend’s town.
When you first enter the town you’ll see stats about the town that you’re visiting.



Q: My friend’s town is showing that it has no save data when I try to visit them. Why?

A: If you see the dialogue box with this error (below) this means that your friend has never uploaded their save data to the Cloud before. You will need to ask your friend to make sure that they are using the latest version of the game and upload their save data to the Cloud.

Q: How do I return back to my own town from a friend’s town?

A: Tap on the green button with the globe and arrow icon.

Q: There’s a lot of items in the Home Store that cost SP. What is SP?

A: SP are Social Points. This currency is earned by completing Social Goals. Social Goals can only be completed in your friends’ towns.


Q: Is there any other way to get Social Points?

A: Social Points can also be purchased from the Social tab in the Online Store, similarly to LP and simoleons.


Q: How do I log into the Party Boat/Social menu with Game Center (iOS ONLY)?

A: If you’re already logged into Game Center on your device, the game will automatically recognize your account. Any friends that you have in Game Center whom play the Sims FreePlay will become neighbors in the Party Boat.

Q: How do I log into my Facebook account?

A: Some features of the game may require you to be logged in to Facebook to use them. If this is the case, the game will prompt you to log in, or take you to the Account Manager (accessible via the Options Menu, if you want to sign in on your own).
When you tap on the Facebook login field, the game will either direct you to your Facebook application (if installed) and automatically connect your account, or re-direct you to the Facebook website in your default internet browser, where you can log in and set your permissions for the game application.

Q: I can’t complete some of the Social Goals in Another Simtown’s town. What can I do?

A: You likely will not be able to complete all goals in one town – you’ll need a number of friends who have a range of items that can fulfill your goal requirements, such as swimming pools. If you can’t complete a goal, you can always skip it or ask your friends to upgrade their town to help you complete your goal!
There are a number of players here whom may need your help with their goals, too.

Q: Where can I find the Nightclub?

A: The Nightclub is on the town map, on the corner of the street next to the Studio and Supermarket.

Q: What are the requirements to build the nightclub?

A: You’ll need SP to build the Nightclub, which can be earned by completing Social Goals.

Q: How do I send my Sims to the nightclub?

A: Enter the night club from the town map. Open Simtracker and call your Sims using the whistle.

Q: How do I get a Sim to be a DJ?

A: Tap on the DJ Booth and select the “Become DJ” action.

Q: How do I get a Sim to dance?

A. First you need to assign a Sim to be a DJ. Select the Sim you want to have a dance, tap on the dance floor and select the “Dance” action.
You can get multiple Sims dancing. Any Sims that are dancing will have their friendship meter increase!


Q: How do I purchase items from Social tab in the Home Store?

A: Each item in the Social tab of the Home Store has a required number of neighbors that you need to meet (e.g. 3 NBR). If you meet that requirement you can purchase and use the item for free as many times as you like. But if you do not meet the NBR requirement to use the items for free, you can still purchase them instead.

Q: Where can I find my Game Center achievements?

A: Go into your Game Center app, the select “The Sims FreePlay”. You will see the list of available achievements. Completed achievements will have an award icon.