General Information

It this article I’ll tell you about General Information in The Sims Freeplay.



Please note that certain WIFI security settings will allow the user to connect but will not use the applications network features.
Have a look at our troubleshooting information for more in-depth steps to try if you have trouble.

Internet Connection

The Sims FreePlay requires an internet connection to play.



Pan: Use one finger to pan the camera.
Rotate: Use two fingers to rotate the camera.
Zoom: Pinch the screen with two fingers to zoom. Alternatively, press the magnifying glass icon to zoom all the way in or out.

Q: How many Sims can I have in my game?

A: When you’re at the maximum level (currently level 55), you can have a maximum of 34 Sims in your town.

Needs & Actions

Your Sims have six needs: social, fun, hunger, hygiene, bladder and energy. Tap on furniture, objects, pets and other Sims then choose actions to fulfill your Sims’ needs. Each action corresponds to a particular need, signified by icons on the action buttons and needs bars. Keeping all a Sim’s needs met keeps them happy, healthy and ready to do what you want!

All actions take time. You can turn off the game anytime you like and your Sims will keep doing whatever it is you’ve assigned them. The game will send you notifications when important actions have finished.


When most of your Sim’s needs are full they become ‘Inspired’! ‘Inspired’ Sims earn a lot more XP and Simoleons for completing actions.



Sim tracker is used to monitor all of your Sims at once! Tap on their portraits to visit them or tap on the whistle button to make them come to you! Note that you must visit a Sim to collect any Simoleons or XP they have earned from completing an action.



The Green Diamond floating over a Sim’s head is called a Plumbob. The Plumbob indicates which Sim you are in direct control of at any one time; this is your Active Sim. EXPERIENCE POINTS (XP)Your Sims earn XP for completing actions. As your Sims earn XP you will Level Up. Each time you Level Up you unlock new furniture, fun stuff, garden patches, baking recipes and the ability to add more Sims, workplaces and businesses to the Town Map.


House Bonus

When Sims perform actions at their own house they are rewarded with additional bonus XP and Simoleons.


Simoleons are the Sims’ form of currency. Sims can earn Simoleons by gardening, baking, working at a job or having a pet dog dig for treasure. You’ll need Simoleons to buy your Sims furniture, fun stuff, garden patches, baking recipes, pets, cars, houses, businesses and workplaces. Simoleon packs can also be purchased at the Store.

Lifestyle Points (LP)

You can earn LP by completing goals, getting a dog to dig for treasure or by purchasing them in the Store. Use LP to finish any action or construction instantly! LP can also be used to buy cupcakes for your Sims.

Social Points (SP)

You can earn SP by completing Social goals or by purchasing them in the Store. Use SP to purchase special Homes, or items from the Home Store.


Cupcakes can be used to instantly satisfy all of your active Sim’s needs and make them ‘Inspired’! Cupcakes are particularly useful when you have a lot of Sims in your town to take care of.

Build Mode

Use Build Mode to buy and place furniture, add or resize rooms, change wallpaper and floors, add doors and windows and even make a garden. To delete a room, tap anywhere in the room and select the Sell button.


Town Value and Daily Rewards

Everyday a percentage of your town value will be delivered to your mailbox. As you fill your home with cool stuff and build your town this reward will get bigger. Come back everyday and check your mailbox to make sure you get the maximum benefit.
You may notice a point at which your daily bonus amount appears to “plateau”, or no longer increase as drastically with your Town Value; this is normal! However, some players whom have been playing their game since the early days of the Sims FreePlay may not see this change in their game.


Town Map

Apart from Simtracker, your other way to get around town is to use the Town Map. From the Town Map you can choose to build more Sim houses, workplaces and businesses. You can also collect XP and Simoleon revenue from any constructed buildings and visit Sim houses and other locations that you build, like the Park. Sometimes you will need to satisfy certain conditions before you can build something; like reaching a certain level or getting a certain number of Sims.



Sims can build a bunch of different relationships. Tap on any Sim you want your Active Sim to talk to and choose a social interaction. You’ll receive big XP bonuses for reaching relationship milestones.



Sims have career aspirations just like you! Build workplaces on the Town Map so they can get jobs. Different jobs have different work times, so choose the ones that suit your lifestyle. Press the pulsing briefcase in Simtracker or the Career Info Panel if you’d like to send them to work when it’s the right starting time (one hour before the listed start time and up to two hours after the listed start time). So don’t worry, you have a generous window and the game will remind you, too!



Starting wages for jobs aren’t that high but sticking at it and getting promotions is a great long term investment for your Sims. Every day your Sim goes to work moves them closer to a promotion. Keep it up and your Sim will start raking in the XP and Simoleons.

Promotions R Us

Build Promotions R Us and you can buy objects for your Sims to interact with. Some of these items will help them improve their careers and get promoted quicker while others are required to perform certain hobbies. Promotions R Us also sells some other cool items that are just for fun.


Sorcerous Supplies

At Sorcerous Supplies you can purchase magical items for your Sims to interact with. Some of these items are required to perform certain hobbies.



You will start the game with one treasure hunting pooch, but build the Pet Shop and you can get one for all your Sims! Some dogs and cats bought from the Pet Shop have elite treasure hunting training that helps them sniff out even more valuable goodies.



Build the Car Yard to buy cars for your Sims. Cars let your Sims go for drives; a great way to earn big XP. Note that a household can only have one car at a time. If you purchase a car for a household that already has one, the new one will replace the old one.



Build the Supermarket and you can buy seeds and baking ingredients cheaper than at a Sim’s house. A little organisation will save you a lot of Simoleons in the long run.



Gardening is a great way to earn Simoleons. Buy a Garden Patch in Build Mode and place it in a Sim’s yard. Then just tap on the Garden Patch and choose a seed to grow. More seeds will unlock as you Level Up.

Q: What are genetically modified seeds?

A: Seeds with the specially marked icon below them are genetically modified. Planting genetically modified seeds can yield double the rewards or a nasty Sim Eating Plant.

Q: How do I get rid of the Sim Eating Plant?

A: Tap on the Sim Eating Plant with a Sim selected and choose the “Negotiate” action to get your Sim to talk the plant into leaving the premises.



Baking works just like Gardening. Buy and place a stove in Build Mode, then tap on the stove and choose a recipe to bake. More recipes will unlock as you Level Up.

Q: What are Organic Recipes?

A: Recipes with the specially marked icon below are organic. Baking organic recipes are known for generating high returns however they have a chance to catch on fire once they’re complete.

Q: My oven caught on fire! What do I do?

A: With an adult Sim selected, tap on the oven and select the “Extinguish” action for your Sim to put out the fire.

Q: Where do I buy Swimsuits for my Sims?

A: Swimsuits can be purchased from the Store. Choose the age and gender of the Sim you wish to shop for and then select the Swimwear option. Now you can select from a range of swimsuits.
By default, your Sim automatically changes into the swimsuit when they’re swimming, having a shower, or taking a bath. You can make your Sim wear their swimsuit permanently by tapping on a Wardrobe (available from the bedroom tab in the Home Store) and select the action ‘Change Into Swimsuit’.

Q: How do I get more swimsuits, like the Mankini?

A: These can be purchased from the Specials Tab in the Online Store. After it has been purchased, those swimsuits will be available in the Swimwear section of the Wardrobe.