Adding, Editing & Deleting Sims

In this article I’ll tell you about Adding, Editing & Deleting Sims in The Sims Freeplay.

Q: How do I add a new Sim?

A: There are three ways in which you can add a new Sim to your town.
-To move an Adult Sim into town you will need to first build a new home for them by tapping on an empty lot, or you can move them in immediately if there is an already vacant home.

-You can add a new infant Sim to the home of any married couple by purchasing a crib, then tapping the add Sim icon. It will take 24 Hours for the infant to arrive. Note, you must first complete the “Two and a Half Sims” quest to unlock the ability to add infants.

-Toddler, Pre-Teen, and Teenager Sims can be adopted by tapping on a phone and purchasing one from the Online store. Note you need to complete the “A Quest for Toddlers“, “Preparing for Pre-Teens“, and “Coming of Age” quests to unlock each age group.


Q: How do I edit my Sims name?

A: Tap on the Sim you wish to edit, this reveals a button labelled ‘Extreme Makeover’ with the price to make changes. Once in the Extreme Make Over menu you can change the name, gender, skin tone, and general appearance of the Sim.
Note, you can only change the last name of Adult Sims. Doing so will change the last name of all other Sims who live in the same household.


Q: How do I edit my Sims appearance?

A: Using the Sim you wish to modify select a wardrobe and then select the “Browse Clothes” action. This will take you to the Wardrobe where **all** your unlocked styling options are available to choose from. Categories in which new items were purchase will have a new label on them.


Q: Where can I buy new styling options for my Sims?

A: New styling options can be purchased by visiting the Store. You can access the Store by tapping on any of the shops on your Town map or at the mall that sell styling options. Alternatively you can access the Store by navigating to the Wardrobe.
Once at the Store you will be given the option to select a gender and age group. Then select which category you wish to shop for. Any item purchased will become unlocked for all Sims of that gender and age group. These new items will appear at the top of the list of items with a new label when you navigate to the Wardrobe to apply them to your Sims.


Q: Why can’t I add any more Sims?

A: If the Add Sim icon is grey you may be at the current capacity of Sims allowed in your Town. If you have not yet reached the maximum number of Sims allowed you would need to increase your level in order to unlock more, or you may choose to delete one of your current Sims to make room for a new one.
Alternatively, you may receive a message that another Sim is already being added to your town. This means you have a crib somewhere in your Town waiting to be tapped. Locate this crib and tap it once the baby is ready to be added to your town.


Q: How many Sims can I have in my game?

A: Your maximum Sim count at your current level, and at what level you will unlock an additional Sim slot. Once it says “Sim Limit Reached” you have unlocked the maximum number of Sims currently allowed in game.

Q: How can I add a new house if I have built all the houses on the Town Map?

A: You need to make an existing house unoccupied by moving the Sim currently living in that house into another Sim’s home with them (they will need to have a close relationship to make this social interaction available), or delete the Sim currently living there.
Once you have done either of these, an unoccupied house icon will turn green. Tap on the unoccupied house and select Demolish House from the menu. After demolishing the house, a new one can be built if you have a enough space in your towns current population cap.
Note that demolishing your home will completely erase that home and all of it’s items. If you want to keep your items, you may want to sell all of the rooms of the current house so that the items are transferred to your inventory, then either demolish the lot or create a new custom home on that lot in build mode for your new Sim!


Q: How do I relocate a Sim family to a new house?

A: Tap on an empty/unoccupied home (must currently be showing the house icon, rather than a Sim’s face on the Town Map) that you want the family to move into. Then select Relocate Household option and the family that you want to move into the house. The family and their pets will automatically be moved to the new home.


Q: Why won’t my Sim perform the task I tell him/her? What do the footprints mean?

A: If your Sim refuses to perform a task, they may be in too bad of a mood to want to do it. Check your Sim’s mood and attend to any needs that are appearing red.
Your Sim may also not have access to the object or location that you are asking them to go to. If this is the case, a speech bubble will appear above your Sim’s head with a set of footprints and they will perform a “no” animation.
Check to make sure that your Sim has a clear path to the object or location. You may also need to enter Build Mode and ensure that the object you wish to interact with is facing the correct direction (This is represented by the grey “rotate” button and an arrow showing the direction the object is currently facing).


Q: How do I cancel an action that I asked a Sim to start?

A: To cancel an action, tap your selected Sim, then tap the X icon beside the task bar. Keep in mind that when actions are cancelled, no rewards are gained from the action and the cost of initiating the action is lost.


Q: How do I delete a Sim?

A: To delete a Sim, tap on your Sim that you wish to remove, and then tap the Red button to the right of their portrait. You will then need to confirm that you wish to move them out of Town – this will permanently remove the Sim from your game.


Q: Where can I find the Costume & Swimsuit Shop?

A: To get access to costumes, swimsuits and other special outfits, you will need to build the Costume & Swim Store, which is located near the Children’s Store.


Q: How do I send my Sims to the Park, Community or Swimming Centers, etc.?

A: To do this, you need to have already built your destination on the Town Map. Once you have the Park, Community Center, Swimming Center, etc. available, simply tap on it from the Town Map, then “Whistle” one of your Sims from the SimTracker. This will call them to this facility. You can even bring the whole family along!


Q: How do I take photos of my Sims to share with my friends?

A: To take a photo of your current view, tap the camera icon in the corner of the screen.
You can also add a message to your photo, if you have something to say about it and share your photos to Facebook or Twitter. You’ll need to select which of your accounts you would like to share to and may be asked to log in, or set permissions for the app to do so.


Q: Where can I find a Cupcake for my Sim?

A: Cupcakes can be purchased from the yellow Cupcake button beside the goal/Sim needs windows for 5 LP.
If all of your Sims in the current scene are already inspired, your Cupcake button will be deactivated (greyed out) to prevent you from accidentally purchasing a cupcake when you don’t need one! Wait for one of your Sims needs to decrease for them to become uninspired, or make them kick a trash can at the front of the house to reduce their cleanliness until they are uninspired to activate the Cupcake button again.